B&B Aan de Burgt is situated in a calm street at the edge of the village, yet it will take you no further than 1000 meters to reach all the facilities of the centre of the rural village of Boekel. The municipality of Boekel is in North-eastern Brabant at the North-western edge of “de Peel”, centrally located between the natural areas of “Maashorst”, Forestry “de Rips” and Forestry “st Anthonis”. But also Boekel serves as a good location to walk or cycle especially in its natural parks “de Perekker” and “de Voskuilenheuvel”. B&B Aan de Burgt is less than 50 meter away from a well signed network of footpaths which are more than 1000 km of length. Over a distance of 1,3 km you can find a national signposted cycling route (node 86-16). There is a variety of bike lanes with Boekel as a starting point.

Activities in Boekel and its surroundings

  • Walking
  • Cycling
  • Educative natural centre De Perekker, Boekel
  • Bowling centre Nia Domo, Boekel
  • Teagarden De Heerevelden, Handel
  • Castle of Gemert, Gemert
  • Farmers’ union Museum, Gemert
  • Golfcourse De Stippelberg, Gemert
  • Recreationpark Billy Bird Park Hemelrijk, Volkel
  • Visitors centre De Steltenberg, Volkel
  • Animal park Zie Zoo, Volkel
  • Natural centre De Maashoorst, former Natural centre Slabroek (still on ANWB signes), Uden
  • Teagarden/sculpture-garden Arto Imago, Uden (just after Natural centre Maashorst)
  • Shopping in Uden
  • Museum for religious art, Uden
  • Service cinema Take Ten, Uden and service cinema Industry, Veghel


Uden: Monday 9.00 pm till 12.00 pm, Boekel: Tuesday 9.00 pm till 12.00 pm,
Helmond: Saturday 9.00 pm till 12.00 pm, this is a very big market with an extensive range of fresh products and also a variety of other things.

Food and drinks

Within walking distance a variety of restaurants, bistros, snack bars and cafés can be found. Next to this there is a wide choice of dining and drinking possibilities in all price-ranges in Gemert and Uden. We like to advise.

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